Life- a never ending hope (inspiration to live)

There is so much going on right now in the world, and many are searching for hope or inspiration to live. This pandemic has occurred after hundred years and the personal issues going on in the country’s like India, China, the USA, and many more. Millions of lives have already ended and the rest of the world is still fighting for theirs. At this time, still, the thought in the mind of millions of hundreds is to how to earn bread.

Let’s go with the example of our country Bharat (also known as India). At this moment, many people are homeless, helpless, without food, travelling thousands of miles to reach their native place for sake of them and their family. Irrespective of the days of traveling without food or money, those people are fighting to stay alive.

There are many natural calamities also occurring in this difficult time like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, but still people have a ray of light called hope to live. The locusts too came out of their place and started traveling across the country in search of food. They have been to many cities and villages till date and are still traveling but still the farmers are having a hope of saving their crops and are standing in their fields with family.

The hope is the only thing that can keep us alive at this difficult time and keep us together. Hope is the way in which we live a life and a good inspiration to live.

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