5 Ways to introduce importance of self-acceptance

What is acceptance in life?

Accepting yourself or someone regardless of the flaws and mistakes made. It is a thing which is not present in everyone still everyone is searching for it. Accepting something is not new but difficult to do. If you did accept something/someone then you won’t see any harm in doing that thing/being with that person. Let’s talk about the importance of self-acceptance in one’s life.

Importance of self-acceptance –

If you are seeking someone else’s acceptance then no but if seeking accepting yourself then yes, self-acceptance is important.

But if you are waiting for someone to accept the things on your behalf or someone’s approval for your acceptance then you are going wrong there and you must work on it.

What is self-acceptance?

It is accepting oneself, with flaws and mistakes, with achievements and accomplishments. Self-acceptance is one of the hard things someone does in life. Accepting one’s happiness is easy but accepting all the mistakes and flaws is difficult for a person.

Self-acceptance is important for self-development, if you want to change and grow personally then start accepting yourself and focus on accepting your flaws.

How to achieve self-acceptance?

  1. Accept your looks-

A person is judged by the way he/she looks and that affects him/her emotionally and then they work to fit in. Working on your looks is good but working for fitting in is not good as whatever you are doing is just for others and there is no guarantee that they will accept you after you look according to them. 

Just accept the way you are and then after that if you are willing to change then do it, don’t change yourself for people, society keeps changing according to trends.

      2. Be kind- 

Don’t let yourself suffer, according to the changing trends of society. Be kind to yourself and don’t let others’ comments or judgments affect you.

Being kind doesn’t mean behaving kind, behaving kind with others is necessary but behaving or showing kindness to yourself is also necessary as people will keep hurting and keep leaving you, after that if you blame yourself for all the things then you are not being kind to yourself.

       3. Stay positive-

Reading books or listening to music is one of the good ways of staying positive. Don’t let the negative thoughts of others cross your mind and judge yourself.

There are various ways to stay positive, only two of them are mentioned above. If you have any other way for yourself to stay positive, then go for it and stay positive.

Staying negative will kind of affect the way you behave with yourself and affect your behavior and will also spread negative vibes amongst the people around you.

       4. Be with the ones’ who support you and your decisions-

Being with the people who support and motivate you really brings positive vibes and increases your confidence in yourself.

Being with the ones who are always on your side and will never think bad for you, will help you make better decisions and will stop you from deviating from your aim. 

They will help you in being focused and work hard for achieving new heights in life.

       5. Forgive and forget-

Follow the rule of forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made and forget the things said by others. Accept yourself the way you are with your mistakes and flaws.

This is necessary for self-acceptance, if you forgive yourself for the mistakes then you will be accepting your flaws and will not try to change yourself just because some people around are judging you.

Forgiving others is also a small part as you will be able to move on from the past and focus on the present and future. So, from forgiving others you will be able to accept the fact that things that happened can’t be changed and there is no point wasting time to think about those things.


No one is perfect; don’t let your imperfection affect you. Accept yourself and move on from the mistakes you made and stay positive. Believe in yourself and remember that you are worth all the happiness.

Believing in yourself will help you gain confidence and be a better person in terms of self-growth. Self-acceptance is necessary for a human being to grow and move on from the past.

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

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