Conduction of exams amid Pandemic

Exams are an essential for completing a degree whether its post graduate or under graduate. Under the on going pandemic, it is a difficult task for everyone for conducting exams in Corona or Covid-19. Government in Bharat (India) has given a free consent to colleges for conducting physical exams of final year students, if they are willing to conduct. Online classes are being conducted for students of schools and colleges all over the country, but conduction of exams is necessary as it can destroy a whole academic year especially of final year students.

Problems faced during conducting exams in Corona-

  1. Problems faced by colleges for conduction of exams-
  • Many colleges are trying to conduct online exams for students so that result can be declared, but for some colleges or students online exams are not feasible due to lack of knowledge or lack of resources to give exam.
  • If physical exams are to be conducted for students who are not able to give online exams or are satisfied with the result of online exams, then number of arrangements has to be made for everyone’s safety.
  • There are many students who have returned to their hometown, can also be coming for appearing in exams. So, additional majors have to taken for such students too.
  1. Problems faced by students-
  • Proper resources are not available with all the students for appearing in online exams.
  • Conduction of physical exams for such students is a risk as all have to travel to college for appearing and the increasing number of cases is a problem for everybody.
  1. Concerns raised by students for conduction of physical exams-
  • Many students are raising concern for conduction of physical exams as the number of cases is increasing with each passing day, so there will be a big risk to everyone present at the time of conduction of exams.
  • Some want result to be declared on their previous semesters result while others are waiting for colleges to come out with a proper solution.


The solution is yet to be found by everyone as India is a vast country and everybody have their own opinion on this problem. The only thing important right now is being safe and leaving home with proper precautions. No one knows which mode of conducting exams will be chosen by their respective colleges, but can hope for selection of an appropriate mode for conducting exams.

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