About me

Hi, I’m Riya. I love to read and write. I’m a student who has started writing.. Welcome to my blog.

At the time of pandemic, I want to try all the things which I can learn or try just by sitting at my place. I did many other things too like painting and planting but writing got more serious.

Sending positive thoughts while sitting at home to everyone is the best thing anyone can do in this situation. Nothing is easy but trying things is easy. Mistakes help learn any skill and there is no age to learn.

I usually write about the general topics concerned with everyone’s life. There are phases in our life and I usually talk about those phases and how various types of people deal with them. Everyone has their way of doing things and I respect it. I just like to write about various things going around people and talk about a general point of view.

I started blogging with my family and friends’ support. I wanted people to read and relate to the topic in their ways. Blogging is one of the ways by which something written can reach a wide range of audiences. I just hope that you all like my writings and in some way and you all can relate to it.