• Top 4 benefits of reading books (Infographic)

    The benefits of a reading book cannot be explained but seen in a person’s personality. Reading is a habit that grows with time. A book can cut a person from the outside world or connect a person to it. The top 4 benefits of reading a book are- Focus and concentration- Reading helps the mind to have a better focus…

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  • Conduction of exams amid Pandemic

    Exams are an essential for completing a degree whether its post graduate or under graduate. Under the on going pandemic, it is a difficult task for everyone for conducting exams… Read More

  • Mental stress

    At this hour, it’s common for everyone to have stress. But it varies with the ability of the people to cope with it. Some handle it and others just give… Read More

  • Life- a never ending hope (inspiration to live)

    There is so much going on right now in the world, and many are searching for hope or inspiration to live. This pandemic has occurred after hundred years and the… Read More

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